About Matthew R. Boren


I grew up in a middle class family in Lake County, Central Florida. My first official job was working for our neighbor who owned an insulation company. At 15, I worked my first summer in 120+ degree attics laying fiberglass insulation. I later worked for a lawn service company mowing yards and landscaping while still in high school.

I appreciate the hard work I did as a young man in building a strong work ethic and appreciating an honest living.

I graduated from Eustis High School and attended the University of Florida. I worked very hard in college and graduated summa cum laude, the highest academic honor you can achieve at graduation. I subsequently went to law school at the University of Florida.

Please click here to view a brief introductory video about me. I began working with Richard Troutman, the senior partner of the Law Offices of Richard Troutman, P.A. after taking the Florida Bar Examination. Our firm only represents Plaintiff’s involved in personal injury cases, such as the victim of a motor vehicle or motorcycle accident.

Premises liability, products liability and medical malpractice are the other types of personal injury cases that we handle. I also volunteer as a Guardian At Litem representing minor children who have been removed from their home due to violence or abuse. I do this work for free as a way to help children and give back to the community. Our law office is in Winter Park, FL just outside Orlando, FL. Please click richardtroutman.com to visit our firm site.

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