Premise Liability


Orlando Premise Liability Attorney

Unfairly referred to as “slip & fall” cases, this body of law generally covers cases involving injuries received at someone else’s property. This includes construction site injuries, injuries resulting from poorly/negligently designed properties, contact with a foreign object or substance causing injury, etc. The Florida Legislature has made these cases difficult for two reasons. First, any actions taken by the potential defendant to make the property safer (such as putting a cone on a wet floor, or putting red flagging tape around a pit or hole) are inadmissible in court and a jury is not allowed to see pictures or hear evidence about these “remedial measures”.

This was done to allow defendants to repair their premises without having it used against them in court, however many defendants use this law to hide repairs they make to dangerous hazards after someone receives a significant injury. The limited exceptions to this rule of evidence are complex. Secondly, many of these types of cases involve a “foreign substance”, such as water or a slippery substance on the floor that caused someone injury. The law in many cases cialis use in young adults requires us to prove that this substance was on the floor for a sufficient period of time as to allow the defendant time to become aware of the substance. Your depositions and discovery are critical in overcoming this burden.

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